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Leer van de allerbesten in social media: Coca-Cola’s strategie


De Coca-Cola social media case study is een van de beste voorbeelden die er zijn. Enkele rake citaten geven je inzicht in de werkwijze van Coca-Cola:

Michael Donnelly, Coca-Cola’s Group Director of Worldwide Interactive Marketing

In general, we are very supportive of buying media within those realms. It’s like fishing where the fish are. Social media is where our consumers are at the moment. There’s no better way to amplify your message. If you’re building a major campaign and putting a lot of time and energy into enabling social and interactive aspects, you have to make sure people know about it.

Our strategy is to be everywhere our consumers are, but as a member of the community. That’s not to say that we think there’s anything wrong with big billboards in Times Square or Super Bowl commercials. There’s a time and a place for that. Within the social media marketing realm, our approach is to be a strong member of the community that’s enabling consumers to celebrate manifestations of the brand.

Michael La Kier

We offered mobile from day one—it is a big component of My Coke Rewards. People drink our brands on the go and don’t want to carry a bottle cap all day long. They can enter a code via mobile phone and SMS texting. Mobile has always been a pretty big part of our program from a participation standpoint and from a mobile messaging and marketing perspective. We also have a desktop widget so people can enter codes directly from their desktop computer.

We have a variety of ways for people to participate in the program—via SMS, the site and the widget. When they become members, we can look at what brands they’re drinking, which packs they’re buying, promotions they’ve participated in and rewards they’ve redeemed. We look at how people want to interact with us, what information do we want to know, how do we provide value and get value. We invite them to take surveys. We have a lot of information about what consumers are doing and their passions so that we can serve up rewards, offers and sweepstakes based on that information.

Welke lessen kunnen we leren uit deze uitspraken?
1. Wees daar waar je klanten zitten (= open deur), maar stel je niet boven andere leden van de community.
2. Wees gedreven en maak het juist anderen mogelijk hun enthousiasme te uiten
3. Probeer zoveel mogelijk te weten van je klanten zodat je op hun wensen kunt inspelen (ook een open deur natuurlijk)
4. Richt je interactie zo in dat je die waardevolle klantinformatie op een makkelijke, leuke en voor de klant niet storende manier krijgt.

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