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Leer van de allerbesten in social media: Coca-Cola’s strategie (2)


De Coca-Cola social media case study is een van de beste voorbeelden die er zijn. Enkele rake citaten geven je inzicht in de werkwijze van Coca-Cola:

Carol Cruse, Coca-Cola’s Vice President of Global Interactive Marketing

I think before you have ROI you have to really understand how social media is driving your business. If you’re a traditional sales funnel type of company—if you’re selling something online—you could say, “I know how many sales I got out of that social media app.” We are not a funnel company, but we still need to measure the value of what we do. I can’t measure it in actual incremental sales because I’m not selling something online. It’s much safer to say we are focusing on measuring the business value of different types of digital marketing.

In that context, we are asking whether it’s driving brand health or brand love. Is it driving purchase intent? In some cases, like search and online advertising, we have been able to measure ROI driving true incremental volumes and true increases in sales. It’s the same thing from a loyalty and CRM standpoint. We have a lot of online promotions and online loyalty programs like My Coke Rewards, and we’ve certainly measured the amount of true incremental volume those type of programs drive.

Adam Brown, Director, Office of Digital Communications & Social Media van Coca-Cola

We wanted to bring the idea of happiness to life and have as many people participate as possible. We haven’t done anything like this before, so it’s a new social media experiment. The three people chosen will blog, share photos, videos, interviews, tweets (@x206) and ideas about what makes people happy around the world. They’ll share their experiences. It’s the latest expression of the “Open Happiness” campaign brought to life through the power of social media.

We will be looking at what earned media provides from a ROI standpoint. We want to know what’s working and creating buzz and what’s not. We are using a cloud-based philosophy and we want to leverage all the new communications platforms as they come online. We can really adapt and empower our fans to create compelling content where they see fit.

Wat leren deze citaten ons:

1. Je kunt pas ROI vaststellen als je heel precies weet wat social media betekent voor je bedrijf.
2. In plaats van rechtstreekse ROI kun je wel meten wat social media doet voor de liefde voor je merk.
3. Traditionele media kunnen een indicatie zijn van wat ook werkt op sociale media.
4. Haak aan waar je fans een link zien en durf te stappen in telkens weer nieuwe online platforms.

Lees ook deel 1 van deze post.

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