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SOA vs Enterprise 2.0


Ik kwam op een posting van prof. Andrew McAfee van Harvard Business School en hij schrijft daarin een bijzonder boeiend vergelijk tussen SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) en Enterprise 2.0 (de bedrijfsvariant van Web 2.0).

Hij verduidelijkt beide termen als volgt: “So both SOA and Enterprise 2.0 are really philosophies; the former about letting computers interact with each other without humans, the latter about letting humans interact with each other via computers.”

Als hij ingaat op de verschillen, dan wordt het echt interessant:

“Claims about the power and benefits of SOA and its predecessors have been running ahead of reality for years. Claims about the power and benefits of freeform social software, on the other hand, mostly cropped up in the wake of real-world examples (…) Enterprise 2.0 proponents have several up-and-running, powerful, productive, and worldwide examples that we can point to and say “See — that’s what I mean!”

En: “A second difference between SOA and Enterprise 2.0 (which I think is closely connected to the first one) is that a service oriented architecture has to be imposed up front, while an Enterprise 2.0 environment emerges over time. Imposing structure takes time. It also takes a great deal of thoroughness, tenacity, and attention to detail, and a clear vision of where you want to go. Letting structure emerge requires none of these; it requires only a few mechanisms to let patterns and structure become apparent.”

Conclusie: “It’s critical for leaders to be clear about when they’re imposing structure and when they’re letting it emerge. And considering SOA and Enterprise 2.0 to be somehow parallel philosophies, or two sides of the same coin, is a great way to lose that clarity. “

Zijn vervolg, waarin hij de definitie van Enterprise 2.0 iets aanscherpt (een term die overigens later weer moet worden aangepast in Enterprise Social software), is ook lezenswaardig.

Via Michael Platt

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