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As an exception, this one is in english.

The tag-game, invented by Jef Pulver is spreading like a virus! I read Matt McAlister today, that he has been tagged. Hans Mestrum wrote some thoughts aboout it. Well, I got tagged as well, by Nigel. I had some thoughts too though: Can I tag anyone? Won’t I tag people that are already tagged? When will this start ‘doubling’?

But the idea is great, so I’ll play along and tell five things about myself and tag five other bloggers (some of them write in english and belong to my favorites, that’s why I picked them!).

  1. I write short stories or at least I try to Wink.
  2. I like lots of music. Lastfm is a great player, for that matter. But Bruce Springsteen is the only artist I still remember the moment that I heard a song of him (“The Factory”) on the radio for the first time. I immediately became a fan after that.
  3. One of my favourite drinks is a good cappuccino. And after that all sorts of beer.
  4. Long ago I studied Physics. After that I became wise and did an MBA on strategic management.
  5. I also write a blog that is called “Innovation rules”. I use it to post quick thoughts about innovation and because of the spontaneous character they can be right or very wrong. So don’t tell any further! Wink

The bloggers that I’m tagging are:

2 reacties leave one →
  1. 10/01/2007 8:18 pm

    Hi Joost,

    Thank you for continuing the ‘tag’! Have your tags being followed up?


  2. Joost permalink
    15/01/2007 11:06 pm

    @Nigel: thanks, not all of them – e.g. i got one reaction that the person was tagged for the second time. Nevertheless, fun initiative by Jef Pulver (who’s well known now in the blogosphere) and a nice experience!

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